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6U Division (Jamboree/Small sided games)

The 6U program is specifically developed to introduce soccer to children in a fun and safe environment. The program is setup to have a combined practice and game once a week. There is no post season at this age level; however, each player receives a participation trophy at the end of the season. 

The objective of the program is to provide young players and their parents with a "pressure free" introduction to the beautiful and simple game of soccer. At this age, players should be exposed to soccer by playing simple, fun activities and games that require little to no practice, and a minimal time commitment.

In AYSO soccer, a jamboree means that teams are formed on a weekly basis depending on how many players attend a given session. Each player will be required to have a parent working with them on the field. A Master Coach will lead each session. The Master Coach will introduce the game/activity that will focus on a specific skill. Each player/parent will then practice the activity. Each Jamboree session will have 2 - 3 activities. Games will be introduced towards the end of the season.

The season will consist of 6 - 8 sessions held on Sunday afternoons (exact time has not been determined yet), starting after Labor Day and end in October. Each session will run around 1 hour. The children will receive a uniform consisting of a Jersey, shorts, socks.

The Ball: 
A size 3 ball is used

The Players:
There will be three per team on field; no goalkeepers.

Player Equipment: 
Shoes and shinguards, covered by the socks are mandatory at all practice and game activities. Soccer shoes, tennis shoes, or similar type athletic shoes are recommended. The type and condition of cleated shoes must be inspected for safety before use.

Duration of Game:
Four five-minute periods. Half time break of 5 - 10 minutes.

The Start of Play:
To start the first and second halves, and following each goal in all age group games, play is started or restarted with a kick-off in the center of the field. A coin toss is used to determine which team kicks off to start the game and the other team kicks off to start the second half. Following a goal, the team scored upon kicks off.

The Kickoff:
The kickoff is taken from the center of the field with each team in their own half and the team not kicking off at least 5 yards from the ball. Do not insist the opponent be a minimum of precisely 5 yards from the ball as this is just a guide to give the kicker room to kick the ball without it immediately hitting an opponent. Remember, let them play and do not interfere for technicalities.

Ball In and Out of Play:
The ball is out of play in all age group games when it completely crosses the touch line (side line) or goal line (end line) either on the ground or in the air. In 6U games, the coaches will determine when the ball is out of play and should guide the restart, interfering as little as possible. It's the player's game, let them play and work on technique later.

Fouls & Misconduct & Official:
The coaches will asses direct free kicks for all fouls, with the opponents five yards away from the ball. There is no need for a qualified referee. Master coach should be able to "officiate" Games are intended to be an opportunity for the very youngest or our players to experience the fun of playing. The barest of minimum rules are needed and should be applied with a generous amount of flexibility. Let the players have the freedom to play.


If you are not available to participate 80% of the time with your child, please do not sign up. Please wait until your child is 6 yrs old, when they will be able to participate in a traditional team format.

We have offered this program for the past few years with utilizing a coach trainer. It is an excellent way to introduce your child to soccer. The kids and parents have a lot of fun. The feedback has been very positive.

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